Replacement process for Not functional Happy or Not Terminal

Replacement process for Not functional Happy or Not Terminal 


First Is necessary to generate a ticket to inform about the issue with the terminal, this explained in the next link.


Next when the tech support team check the situation we going to send you a functional terminal as shown in the image.


Once this terminal arrives we need to replace with the old one for this.

Now we need to ubicate two black clips shape of nails this attach the terminal to the base, it have a hole where we going to use a screwdriver to pull this hole to the bottom.

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If we made this right this would be the result, now we need to pull this nail clips to free completely the terminal.

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We going to use this clips to attach the functional terminal the Tech support team already sent to you

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To attach the functional terminal, it would be necessary to put the terminal centrally on the base, next put the nail clips in the hole marked in the image, this on both sides of the terminal.

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When we completely retire the damaged terminal please send it to the tech support team of Alveni, using the Prepaid shipment guide we previously sent you.

Please pack the damaged terminal with protection in the same box we sent you.

And confirm in the ticket you sent to us, this need to be made in the first 10 working days, if not we going to make a charge of $295 USD + Taxes.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Tech support team Alveni LLC.