How to create a new survey for Smiley Touch


Surveys are the basis of HappyOrNot service and they help you to improve your customer and employee satisfaction. Surveys are created in HappyOrNot Reporting Service. When a survey has been created, the survey question shows on the screen of Smiley Touch.  

You can view the results of current and finished surveys in Reporting Service, which enables you to create a picture of long-term trends and see how customer or employee satisfaction develops. You can also receive an automatic email report on any on-going survey.

We recommend using the same survey question for a longer time period (for at least a month), instead of changing the survey question very often. This ensures continuity in feedback results, which again enables you to track patterns and trends.

Also, we recommend using a generic survey question, such as “ Please rate our service today”, or “How was you visit?”. A generic survey question is easier to answer and measures satisfaction on a broader scale.

How to set language versions and choose survey settings 

The survey question on Smiley Touch can have several language versions to serve a larger respondent base.

1. To set the language versions for your survey and to choose your survey settings, follow the path: Reporting Service > Admin > Folders > Edit folder. 

2. In Edit folder dialog box, set the main language and up to 8 additional languages. 

The main language is the language that shows on the screen of Smiley Touch by default.

NOTE! If your survey is only in one language, choose Use survey default language.  

 Furthermore, choose the following survey settings:
  • Timezone
  • Terminal, connect the correct Smiley Touch to your survey
  • Ask for open feedback tick box, tick if you want to collect open feedback
  • Smiley Touch UI navigation speed, choose how long the follow-up screen and open feedback screen will be displayed.
  • Active weekdays, choose according to the opening hours of your organization
  • Opening hours, choose the opening hours of your survey. Outside the opening hours of the survey, Smiley Touch will go to sleep mode, which saves energy.
  • Device status notifications tick box, tick if you want to receive status notifications by email from active surveys at this location (for example, if the power cord of Smiley Touch is unplugged)
  • Alerts, add the alert type (Real Time Alerts is a chargeable feature) 

How to create a new survey for Smiley Touch

1. In Reporting Service, go to the Admin tab and click Survey plan in the ribbon display. 

2. Choose the company, for which you want to create the survey from the Choose area drop-down list and click the Add survey button. 

3. Select the survey type in the dialog box and click the Next button.

NOTE! Resellers are asked also to confirm their client's company. 


4. Write the survey question (and its language versions) in the dialog box and select the main language and other languages from the drop-down lists.

  • Question in main language: the survey question shows on the screen of Smiley Touch by default in the main language 
  • Same question in other languages: the language versions of the survey, which can be accessed by clicking the name of the language on the screen, for example "Deutch" or "Français"  

NOTE! The languages must first be set in the Edit folder dialog box, as explained in section How to set language versions and choose survey settings of this document so that the language versions show on the screen of Smiley Touch.

You can also reuse an existing question. 
If you reuse an existing question, do not change the survey settings. Only add any necessary language versions of the survey question and the new location.  

5. Select the follow-up options 

Follow-up options show on the screen of Smiley Touch after the main survey question has been answered. Follow-up options help you to get more information from respondents about why they are satisfied or dissatisfied. You can use the preset follow-up options or type in your own custom follow-up options. Preset follow-up options have been translated by HappyOrNot but you must have the custom options translated.

Select the preset follow-up options and the languages from the drop-down lists. Type the custom options and their language versions. The "Something else" option is included automatically.

To add custom follow-up options, select "Create new custom option" in the drop-down list and the selected languages (set in step 4) will appear, as shown in the image below. Type in the question in the appropriate language and confirm it by clicking the tick icon.

 You can make several selections on how follow-up options are shown:
  • After all feedback: the follow-up options will always be shown, regardless of which Smiley button the respondent presses
  • Separate for positive and negative: 2 different sets of follow-up options depending on whether the respondent presses the red Smiley buttons (light red or dark red), or the green Smiley buttons (light green or dark green)
  • After negative feedback: the follow-up options will only be shown if the respondent presses the red Smiley buttons (light red or dark red)
  • Don't show: no follow-up options.
To see all the follow-up options, go to section Follow-up options for Smiley Touch at the end of the this article.

Click the Next button to continue.

6. Select the time period of the survey

Responses during this time period only will be included in the survey results. The survey question is visible on the screen of Smiley Touch only during this time period.
  • From: the date when the survey starts
  • To: the date when this survey ends
  • Indefinitely: when the exact end date of the survey is not known

Click the Next button to continue.

7. Choose the survey locations

The locations that you choose here will be included in the survey. The Smiley Touches that are assigned to these locations collect the survey responses.

NOTE! Please make sure that the previous survey on this Smiley Touch is finished before you create a new one.

To finish creating the survey, click the Add button.

Follow-up options for Smiley Touch

You can choose up to 5 follow-up options (preset options or custom options). "Something else" is automatically added as the last follow-up option.

Preset follow-up options will be automatically translated into the display language (user interface language) of each Smiley Touch. Currently available preset follow-up options are:
  • Accessibility
  • Ambiance
  • Bureaucracy
  • Cleanliness
  • Company vision
  • Customer service
  • Floor cleanliness
  • Food quality
  • Hand soap
  • Info desk
  • Leadership 
  • My manager
  • Payment options
  • Personal development
  • Pricing
  • Private life
  • Product availability
  • Product freshness
  • Product selection
  • Program
  • Punctuality
  • Quality of service
  • Queuing time
  • Room quality
  • Service
  • Smell
  • Spa experience
  • Staff attitude
  • Staff availability
  • Staff friendliness
  • Staff professionalism
  • Talks
  • Taste of food
  • Teamwork
  • Toilet paper
  • Tools/Technology
  • Venue
  • Wait time
  • Washroom equipment
  • Work atmosphere
  • Work environment
  • Workload

You can also have custom follow-up options in multiple languages. However, custom follow-up options can only be in the languages that the main survey question is in.

NOTE! You must type by hand the custom options and their language versions.