Open Feedback Spam Filter for Happy Or Not

Sometimes, open feedback collected by HappyOrNot Smiley Touch or Web Smileys is irrelevant or of low quality, given by respondents unintentionally or as spam. HappyOrNot solution is a spam filter that filters out the irrelevant feedback.
The spam filter's status is set in Reporting Service under Companies (Admin User can make the setting). When the spam filter is set to be on in the Company settings, spam is filtered out both in Reporting Service and in the PDF report attachment of the email report.  

Spam filter in the Open Feedback widget

In the Open Feedback widget in Analytics tab in Reporting Service, there is a Filter spam toggle switch that is on or off based on the setting of the Company. Spam filter hides the feedback that is classified as spam from view. The spam filter can be turned on or off also manually by clicking the toggle switch. If you manually turn the spam filter on or off, Reporting Service remembers your choice when you log in the next time.   

The Open Feedback widget shows a maximum of 100 latest feedback texts by clicking SHOW MORE at the bottom of the widget, either filtered or unfiltered feedback based on the toggle switch selection.  

NOTE! When the spam filter is on and when all open feedback is shown (after SHOW MORE is clicked), the widget displays the following text: “Some open feedback may have been filtered out by the spam filter.”  

If there are more than 100 open feedback texts collected, filtered or unfiltered, the widget displays the following text: “This list includes 100 most recent open feedback responses collected during the selected time period. Please use Export to download all open feedback as an Excel file.”

Filter spam on

Filter spam off

When the filter spam is on, the color of the toggle is purple, and the switch is on the right. When the filter spam is off, the color of the toggle is gray, and the switch is on the left.  

The spam indicator is a red circle with a diagonal slash and is placed at the end of the open feedback text line that is classified as spam. 

Open feedback as an excel 

Open feedback excel can be created by clicking Export at the top of the page on the right and by selecting FOLLOW-UPS AND OPEN FEEDBACK. The excel lists filtered and unfiltered feedback on different sheets.  

Open feedback sheet


Filtered open feedback sheet



Open feedback as a PDF attachment in the e-mail report  

The PDF attachment that comes with the e-mail report includes only the filtered open feedback.  

Machine learning model behind spam filter  

HappyOrNot spam filter is based on a machine learning model that is taught on live customer feedback to identify open feedback that is irrelevant to measuring customer or employee experience. Feedback that is classified as spam includes, for example, very short utterances, like greetings or single words, or open feedback that means nothing in any natural language. Spam can also be a row of emoticons or other symbols. Filtering applies to most languages, as open feedback is also translated for spam analysis purposes.
Filtering does not explicitly filter out swear words, non-respectful or otherwise invalid language. Some relevant open feedback may be classified as spam because the utterance is short or includes words that are not in the training material fed to the machine learning model. Feedback classified as spam can still be viewed by setting the spam filter off. Furthermore, the machine learning model can be re-taught with more training material, as needed. 

How you can improve spam filter 

The spam indicator is a red circle with a diagonal slash.  Admin users of HappyOrNot Reporting Service can mark open feedback as spam, or alternatively, unmark valid open feedback. By actively marking and unmarking open feedback items, our machine learning model learns to recognize spam better.

To unmark an item of open feedback, click the spam indicator. The spam indicator color will change to grey.

When open feedback is not classified as spam, the spam indicator is visible but grey. To mark open feedback as spam, click the grey spam indicator.

Please note that if Filter spam is on, and you mark feedback as spam, that feedback disappears immediately from view. You can still see the feedback, when you turn Filter spam off.

Furthermore, in the unlikely situation, where all feedback has been classified as spam AND Filter spam is turned on, the Open Feedback widget disappears from view in Reporting Service. To return the widget back into view, go to Analytics tab and select to observe any other time period having open feedback than what is currently selected, and the widget returns to view.