How to calibrate Zytronics touchscreen?

If you have a kiosk with Zytronics touchscreen installed and need to calibrate it, please follow the instructions on page 23 of the User Manual.  You must be standing in front of the kiosk to calibrate and the kiosk should be in the position that it will be placed  in production environment.
Download user Manual:
To access the Calibration page you need to:

Launch the Touchscreen Control Panel

To begin the configuration procedure of the ZYTOUCH® Projected Capacitive touchscreen, the user must launch the Touchscreen Control Panel. The Touchscreen Control Panel program is the main interface used to configure the functionality and performance of the ZYTOUCH® Projected Capacitive Touchscreen. To launch the Touchscreen control panel carry out the following:

  1. Click on the Windows Start button.

  2. Go to Programs and locate the ZYTOUCH folder.

  3. Within the ZYTOUCH folder click on the ZYTOUCH_Control.exe shortcut link.

This will open the Touchscreen Control Panel.  Go to the third tab named Calibration and Press the Green Button and follow the instructions. 

Other touchscreen options are available in other tabs, please refer to the User Manual for further information.

Note: If you calibrate it and the height / relative position of the kiosk with the user changes, then the touchscreen will need to be re-calibrated.
If you need further assistance, please contact us by raising a support ticket.