How to unregister an Android device from SiteRemote (unreachable server)

There are two options to unregister a device from SiteRemote. Both are going to help us if we don't have access to the previous server or SiteRemote account.

Generate an auto-registration configuration file

First of all, we need to download the AutoRegister Tool from any SiteRemote server that we have access to. You're going to need a PC or a laptop to generate the required file with this program.

Once we've finished downloading and installing the program, we're going to find it by pressing the home button and then locating the "SiteRemote Auto Register SE" folder, as shown below.

We open it and start to fill in the data requested. Remember that this option is if we want to register it on a new server but we don't have the previous server username nor password.

When we click on "Generate File", it's going to ask us where we want to save the file. You can choose either the desktop in order to find it more easily, or save it directly on a USB thumbdrive, we recommend the second option because we will need to paste that file in the SiteKiosk folder, as mentioned on the image above, this is the route where we'll have to save the file inside the Android device:


The file name is going to be: "autoregistration.config" 

After we pasted it on the correct folder we will have to restart the device and test that the new configuration has been applied.

Note: If we don't want to register the device on any new server, we'll do this next option:

Deleting SiteKiosk settings information

We'll locate the SiteKiosk storage info in the Apps section on your Android device and we clean the cache storage, plus we can go to the programs files and delete the SiteKiosk folder. This is because SiteRemote login data is stored in a protected area of the SDCard/Internal Storage (where the Android operating system is also located).
Then we will have to uninstall the SiteKiosk App from your device and install it again