How to install and set up THUM (Temperature Humidity USB Monitor)

1.0 .- Install Guide

First of all, we will have to download the THUM software. Click HERE . After that, you will see the next information. 

Click on the button "Download" as shown in the image above, to get the software file folder. It's going to be a WinRAR file like this one and we open it.


Double click on the file "THUMSetup.exe" to start with the installation process. From this point, we can say that the installation is going to be pretty simple. Just select the "Next" button and the default settings for this program and it will be done.

Click Next

Click Next

Accept the terms and conditions

After that, the program will request your confirmation to complete the installation, please make sure that the options "MDAC 2.8" and "JET 4.0" are checked, only if you install the program on: Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Vista 2003, or 2008 these options will be unchecked as shown in the image below:

Once the installation is complete, we have the option of whether to start the program/application or just finish and open it later on.

If along the process you have any question go to the installation guide, click Here