How to install SiteKiosk on a Windows device

In this article we are going to see step-by-step how to install the SiteKiosk program on our Windows device. First, go to our Apps portal by clicking Here to download SiteKiosk. the second this is to locate the SiteKiosk installation program and double click on it. 

Then we allow the program to make changes on the device, and we select the language as well:

After these steps, we will accept the terms and the license agreement in order to proceed with the installation: 

At this moment, we will click on the default options. It is pretty much straight-forward. 

The image above is for an additional program that can be used as a tool in SiteKiosk (it is optional to install this one).
After choosing the correct options, the installation wizard will ask us for confirmation to begin with the install:

Once the installation is completed, we can go to the folder saved on the device and click on "configure SiteKiosk" as shown in the image below:

Here we can see the inside of our SiteKiosk app. We will be able to register the license, setting the content to be displayed once SiteKiosk is running, etc. 

The next option is when we want to register the product license. click on the box below the language selection named "Registration": 


Then we add the license name and code, like in the image below:
(this information will be provided by Alveni)


If you're going to use the Siteremote site to monitor the devices you may follow the next steps, first you will have to register the device with your Siteremote account:

The option on the bottom is the one we're going to use to register the device. You'll need the server host name, user name, and password.