Windows 10 IoT Enterprise vs Windows 10 Pro

Choosing between Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro is an important step in setting up a digital signage environment. The right operating system should be easily customizable, secure and fully supported. With its flexible licensing, simple activation and custom settings, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the best OS for use in digital signage environments and any embedded/purpose built computing environment.
As the successor to Windows Embedded Standard, Windows IoT Enterprise offers the same functionality found in Windows 10 while excluding unwanted user-facing features. This allows digital signage vendors to provide a predictable and consistent end-user experience across multiple device platforms.
  • Exclude unwanted features such as Cortana and pre-installed Store Apps.
  • Block edge gestures and other UI features that can’t be disabled with Windows 10 Pro.
  • Limit application visibility and system notifications.
  • Long Term Support Branch (LTSB) – Supported with security patching, but not functionality changes for ten years.
Licensing & Activation
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is simple to activate and easy to maintain.
  • Forego 4–6-month features updates and only receive relevant security patches.
  • Flexible licensing options for purpose-built computing that can reduce licensing costs.
  • One time activation ensures devices don’t need periodic internet access, unlike most other editions of Windows 10.
Sensitive information is secure with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Devices can be locked down to prevent users from accessing system settings and tampering with user interfaces.
  • The device can be protected with at-rest full disk encryption.
  • Pop-ups and distracting dialog boxes can be blocked.
  • The system can be configured to only allow whitelisted USB peripherals to be accessed.

For digital signage vendors who want a secure and customizable Windows OS that’s designed for their customer experience needs, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the right choice. Its customization options and security architecture allow vendors to create ideal experiences for their digital signage environments.