Installing SiteRemote with external SQL Server

Generally you have to enable the SQL authentication of SQL Server and configure an associated SQL database user with corresponding access rights.
Also keep in mind the firewall settings on your machines (TCP port
1433 and Furthermore make sure that you have enabled the remote connections in your SQL server settings ( in-sql-server-2008.aspx).  
With an external SQL DB SiteRemote you have to create an SQL user manually before installing SiteRemote (SQL authentication) or just activate and use the default SQL user “sa”.
The SQL user should have full access to the SQL DB to be able to create the SiteRemoteBackeEndServer Database and to fill the tables during the installation. The SQL user needs at least these rights:
1. server role:
  • public
  • sysadmin
2. database role:
  • service
  • db_owner
Do a “Custom” installation.
During the installation choose the correct path to the external SQL database and enable the checkbox at “Use SQL server credentials for authentication” (Database Server settings window). Fill in the username and password of the SQL user used for SiteRemote to access the SQL DB. Generally you can check if the SQL DB can be accessed from another computer with using the SQL Management Studio from Microsoft.
A special installation guide for using an external SQL DB is not provided by PROVISIO as it applies to the configuration of the MS SQL Server.