Manual to install/remove duck mouth (Printer KPM216HII)

In this manual, we will explain step by step how to perform the placement and / or removal of the accessory known as duck mouth.
NOTE: It is important to consider that the duck mouth does not obstruct the operation of the printer, so there will be models that have or do not have it.
Duck mouth function
This accessory serves to generate a better aesthetic in the output of paper thanks to its LED light that turns on every time there is a printing job active.
Required tools
1.- Flat screwdriver
2.- Philps screwdriver
Steps to remove and / or place duck mouth.
1.- Visualize the side cover which has a protection lock
2.- Proceed to remove the side cover with our flat screwdriver and turn to the right as indicated in the instructions
3.- Once the padlock was removed, we will proceed to pull up the lid with our fingers until it is removed from its location.
4.- Remove the lid, we will identify 3 screws on the left side, 2 screws hold the paper exit cover and 1 screw holds the sensor of the duck mouth.
5.- We will proceed to remove the screws carefully and store them in a safe place to avoid them being lost.
6.- AFter removing the screws we proceed to the right part of the printer and we will detect that there are more screws (remove the 3 indicated in the image).
7.- We will proceed to remove the indicated screws
8.- Removing the screws the lid that holds the duck's mouth will leave its location
9.- Once the piece was removed, we will proceed to locate the connector that holds the duck mouth located on the sensor card
10.- Once located we remove it carefully with our hands without pulling too hard to avoid damage to it.
11.- Removed the connector we will proceed to remove the cable guiding it with our hands, once removed we will have removed the cable properly with everything and the piece that holds the mouth of duck.
12.- Having the piece out of the printer in its entirety, we will proceed to remove the 6 screws that hold the duck mouth to the sheet of the printer
13.- With the screws removed, the duck's mouth will be completely free. (Save the 6 screws since these will be used for the installation of a new duck mouth)
The previous steps apply for the installation of a new duck mouth.  
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