HappyOrNot API

HappyOrNot API

HappyOrNot API (Application Program Interface) is a service that is provided free-of-charge to all our customers.


What is the HappyOrNot API?

HappyOrNot API (Application Program Interface) is a service that is provided free-of-charge to all our customers. With API enabled, companies are able to build integration such as:
  • Retrieve feedback and survey data to other company-specific systems like those used in business intelligence processes.
  • Retrieve selected feedback data and display it on different systems like company's website or extranet
  • Retrieve and display HappyOrNot results in info-screen systems.

How does it work?

With the HappyOrNot API you can automatically fetch data for requested time period from:
  • Results
  • Folders / Categories
  • Questions
  • Surveys and Results
HappyOrNot API supports both smiley terminal and web smiley data. The exposed data is the same as what our email- and online reports offer, and the feedbacks are grouped at max hourly accuracy. “Misuse protection” algorithm is applied to the results with this accuracy.

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Fetching raw results data via HappyOrNot API

Raw results data includes all feedbacks for the selected time period. The accuracy for raw feedbacks is in most cases one second (please see exceptions below).  Different API queries are to be used to access the raw data. 
This additional feature is enabled by default for all API users when the API is enabled.

Raw data is available with at one second accuracy in the following cases:
  • Web Smiley results data: always 
  • Smiley Terminal results data: when results have been uploaded via Data (TCP) connection
Second level accuracy is NOT available: 
  • when results data has been transferred via SMS connection (old smiley terminals, poor network areas)
  • In these cases the results accuracy is max one hour.
“Tamper delay” algorithm is not applied to the raw data downloaded through the HappyOrNot API. This means that the online/email reports data is not the same as the API raw data. Raw data results will typically be of higher numbers compared to the results in the web/email reports. 

How the API is activated?

To activate the HappyOrNot API, please contact either HappyOrNot Customer Care, or your local HappyOrNot reseller.

You will be provided with a link to our API documentation, as well as your individual API key and identifiers. The actual implementation of the API to your systems will have to be done by your IT department, or by a third company you hire. Happy Or Not can provide assistance with understanding the API commands but will not do the actual implementation.