IQ2200MM Qube series AC setup with internal Heater IH40

This information applies to:
 IQ2200MM Qube series AC  units with internal Heater IH40.
These A/C units are installed on very specific outdoor kiosks like the Menta or Ikal.
Important:  Some of these units have an optional heater.   
The digital controller has many function settings that may or may not be required for your
application. However, the controller has been set at the factory with typical default settings
for immediate system operation. Please review the following default settings.

1. Cooling Start Temperature     80ºF (27ºC)
2. Heating Start Temperature     50ºF (10ºC) (optional)
3. High Temperature Alarm        100ºF (38ºC)
4. Low Temperature Alarm         40ºF (4ºC)
5. Full Speed Temperature         98ºF (37ºC)
6. Alarm Light and Sound         “ON” “ON”
7. Default Temperature Unit       Fahrenheit
8. User Pin code Setting           1234
9. Filter Maintenance Alarm      0 day-disabled
10. Communication Address     1

To change the controller settings, please follow the sequence below to enter the pin code 1234
into the program modification: 
“+”             1
“-”              2
“Select”      3
“Exit”         4 
After entering the above sequence, three alternating flashing boxes should be shown on the display face, indicating the code was accepted. If no selection is made within one minute, the system returns to the normal operating mode. 

To change the option press (select)
To change a parameter press (+ or -)
To save the setting press select until you see the lights flashing and press (Exit)
For more information, please read page 7 and 8 of the Operation and Installation Manual