Update time Sitekiosk

You can force a date/time change on the machine with the following instructions:
1.            Open Notepad and enter the following:
date 11-10-15
time 2:21:00 PM
2.            Save the file with the name "timedate.bat".  You will need to edit the date and time values in the file.  It is not important to be precise.  The aim is to get the date and time close enough so that Windows can sync exactly with a time server.
3.            Login to SiteRemote and go to the Jobs tab then click the New Job button.
4.            Choose File Upload under the Add Task dropdown box, click Add, then find your file using the Browse button and then click Upload.  Use C:\ as the destination path.
5.            Choose Run Executable from the dropdown under Add Task and click Add.
6.            In the command line text box type "C:\timedate.bat" without the quotes.
7.            Select the machines you want to update the time and date on then click the Assign button.
8.            After this job has completed, run the job template named Update Time to sync your system clock with a time server.
Please also note that there is a "Change Time Server" job you can run to switch to a new time server to see if you get different results.