Process to Request Warranty service for kiosks and hardware

Process to Request Warranty service for kiosks and hardware.

Alveni offers standard 1 year Standard Depot Limited Warranty included in all our kiosks  and 1 to 5 years Standard Depot Limited Warranty for individual components. The warranty period for each client/project is clearly indicated in the project’s proposal and in the corresponding invoice(s). 

If you have a kiosks or electronic component sold by Alveni that has an issue and needs to be fixed or replaced, our team is always ready to help you.  Please follow these steps to request tech support service. All the information below related to Standard Limited Depot Warranty.  

Clients with Alveni Uptime Programs.   If your company has an active Alveni Uptime Program purchased for Extended Service and Warranty, you might have Priority Services,  Tech Support visits as well as Advance Express Components Replacement included.  We will inform you about these services at the time we review your warranty status.


1. Raise a tech support ticket. Any component that has an issue or is malfunctioning must be reported by raising a ticket in our Customer Service Portal so we can begin troubleshooting.  Out tech support team will help you via email / telephone to find possible solutions to the incident reported.
2. Warranty status. We  will check if the component is within the warranty period or not based on its serial number.  Any warranty starts on the kiosk/ component invoicing day.  Based on the warranty terms and incident report, we will also review if there is any specific additional costs that can be determined at this point. This takes a maximum of 2-3 business days.

Under warranty: Tech support is included.
Out of warranty:  We will inform the cost for preliminary diagnostic for approval.

If the component reported can not be fixed remotely, the following options are available:

  1. Onsite tech support visit.  To repair the component or uninstall it to be sent to service.  Limited Depot Warranty does not include Tech Support Visits.  Our team will inform about options & pricing for this service.
  2. Component to be sent to our office for service by the client. Optionally, you can have a certified technician uninstall the component reported to be sent to Alveni for service. We will send you a RMA request form that needs to be filled out and sent back to us.
3. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).
As mentioned, if the component needs to be sent to Alveni for service, we will send you a RMA request form that needs to be filled out and sent back to us.

Under warranty: Labor & parts are included. Inbound shipment to Alveni must be paid by the customer.  Outbound shipment from Alveni to the client is included in the warranty. If your company has an Uptime Program, other premium services might be included.
Out of warranty:  We will inform the cost for repair labor & parts for approval.

4. Shipping the component to Alveni.
The client will send the component (at the customer's expense) and using the open support ticket they will confirm the name of the shipping company and tracking number. The box must have the RMA number visible for easy identification and the component must be protected with bubble wrap or similar to avoid damage during shipment.

  • If the component is not packaged appropriately or box is damaged, Alveni will not receive it.
  • If the component shows physical damage due to abuse, vandalism or shipment, warranty will be voided.
  • If the box does not have the RMA number visible, Alveni will not receive it, no exceptions.

5. Diagnostic and repair / replacement.
Upon receipt of the component, a general physical review, overall diagnostics and cleaning are carried out to better determine the cause of the issue, and if it is necessary to change parts or the entire component.  During this process our technicians also determine if there is any reason to void warranty due to abuse or improper use (among the reasons, electrical surges, improper handling or installation are included). At this point, a diagnostics report is sent to the client for review with estimated repair / replacement time.
a. Under Warranty.
Labor & parts for the repair / replacement is included. The client only paid the inbound shipment to Alveni.  We will follow up closely with the client until the unit is shipped back. On average, it takes 15 to 20 business days to repair component under warranty. In the event that it takes longer, the client will be informed.

Warranty does not include replacement and / or repair of cosmetic parts, accessories, consumables or any other exclusions.
b. Out of Warranty.
After the inspection and cleaning already approved and paid for by the client, it will be determined if the type of repair to be carried out is necessary. This is reviewed with the manufacturer and the customer is informed of the total cost of the repair (it is an extra cost to the one already charged for the initial review) for approval. On average, it takes 15-20 business days to repair out-of-warranty components. In the event that it takes longer, the client will be informed.

  • In the event that the client approves the repair, a corresponding PO and/or payment corresponding should be submitted.
  • In the event that the repair is not approved, the customer may pick up their component at Alveni’s office or it will be sent to their client at their expense.
  • If the client does not send a PO and/or payment, the component will be kept in Alveni for up to 30 days.  If this time is exceeded, Alveni will ship the component to the client at the client’s expense. If the client does not pay this shipment, Alveni will keep the component but it is not responsible or liable for components that have 90 or more days in custody. Alveni might dispose the component after this period of time.
In order to deliver the component to the client, in any case, the tech support service associated with the case must be paid in full.

6. Shipment back to client.
Alveni will pack the component adequately to be shipped back to the client and we will share carrier and tracking number via the open support ticket.  

In the case that the component must be installed in a kiosk, it is necessary that a certified technician performs the installation.  If the client does not have the personnel, Alveni can provide one with additional cost since Limited Warranty does not cover onsite visits.


Warranty for Repaired Components:
- If the repaired component is under warranty, it will continue until its expiration.

- If the component is no longer under warranty, the repair is guaranteed for 30 to 90 calendar days, as long as the failure is again the same failure reported in the corresponding repair. This warranty varies depending on the component in question. Please confirm the term with your Technical Support advisor in each case.

  • In the event that the client has frequent problems with the operation of his component already repaired and on the same issue, an evaluation must be carried out (if necessary in the field) to know the operation to which the component is being subjected and verify that It is being used both with the consumables (in printers) and within the environmental & electrical conditions of use specified for the particular component. Once this is done, Alveni will suggest repair / replacement options.

Advanced Express Components Replacement. (AECR).
Alveni offers AECR service as part of the Alveni Uptime Programs.  We offer the option to manage emergency stock, equivalent to 5% of the total
customer’s kiosks / devices installed base. This stock will be used to ship to sites where there might be a hardware incident that can only be solved
with a replacement part, while the original part is sent to  warranty*.

AECR Process: 
  • Alveni includes the shipment of the replacement part within 24 hrs of the incident report using an overnight or fastest shipping service available to the client's location along with a standard shipment return label to ship the faulty component back to Alveni for service.  
  • The standard warranty process will begin after Alveni receives the reported component.
  • After the component is repaired or replaced, Alveni will keep it in its express inventory for future incidents. 
  • If the client requires Alveni to send back the original component after it is repaired or replaced, the client will have to pay the outbound shipment of the component back to the kiosk location and the shipment back of the replacement part to Alveni.
    *The AECR service is only available to projects of +20 kiosks (or special projects)

Shipments General Notes.

  • The shipment of the component from the place of origin to Alveni’s repair center will be at the client’s expense. Insurance of the package(s) is optional and it is up to the client. In case that Alveni receives a damaged shipment Alveni, will not be responsible and will not accept delivery.
  • The shipment of component(s) from Alveni to the address specified by the client will be at the expense of Alveni, in the case the component is under warranty. If not, shipment has to be paid by client. Shipment does not include any additional insurance other than the standard liability insurance by the shipping company.  If the client requires additional insurance, it will have to be communicated to Alveni prior to shipment and it will incur in additional cost.
  • Alveni will use ground service for all its shipments with Fedex, UPS or similar carriers.  Transit time is out of Alveni’s scope. If the client requires a faster shipment service, Alveni can provide it at additional cost.
  • For AECR shipments, please refer to AECR process and guidelines.